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Success Stories


  • "Fountain Valley Chiropractic,

    Thank you all for the tender loving care you've given me.

    Over the years I've had an L4/L5 herniated disc, degenerative bones in my neck, arthroscopic surgery of my right knee, surgery of a fully torn rotator cuff and the latest surgery for a fracture of the T9 vertebra in my back. Not to forget everyone's favorite Rheumatoid arthritis here, there and just about everywhere.

    I have tried cortisone injections in my spine, acupuncture everywhere, prolotherapy injections into my spine, physical therapy and the usual pain pills and muscle relaxers prescribed by my medical doctors. I'm off all pain pills and other attempts for relief. Now, I rely on my care at Fountain Valley Chiropractic. I am back to snow skiing, line dancing, playing with my grandchildren, being a better wife for my husband, gardening, and simply living life more like a youthful person again at age 73.

    I highly recommend Fountain Valley Chiropractic to everyone.

    Thank you all again."
    Yvonne G.
  • "Dr. Jay is among the best in the field. Not only is he a great friend, but a great healer. His care the patient extends outside of the walls of the office. It's rare to find someone who is just as much in touch with 21st century medicine and who is a true clinician. Dr. Jay does a fantastic job at using his education and years of experience to develop and execute an action plan in your care and the results are always above par. I would encourage anyone looking around for a chiropractor to call in and book a time. You will not be disappointed!"
    Aaron S.
  • "Dr. Jay is the only chiropractor that I trust. I've been going here for approx 10 years. Dr. Jay takes his time, listens, and assures the proper adjustment. Your pain will go away in just a few short visits.
    Now living outside the OC, he is well worth the 4.5hr drive for the right pain relief the first time!
    Seriously! If you need a great chiropractor go see dr. Jay. No more migraines, no more shoulder pain!"